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Plants vs Zombies 2 is a good child game.

It came out in October 23rd 2013, ever since it’s came out, it has been really successful.They’re is many worlds in PVZ 2 from our normal world today to futuristic worlds each world has over 5 plants you can also purchase 7 plants for £5 each!

If you get all of the world keys from the world key challenge, you should not just continue and try to finish the Egypt level maybe go on the pirate level or maybe to snow or castle level. Every single plant is unique in it’s own way, (Sun Flowers are useful for every level)

As the name says, they’re is zombies in this game and these are the types: normal zombie, cone head zombie, bucket head zombie, mini zombie and gargantuan.

You could compete in competitions to get seeds+ more. (there is more long ranged plants than short ranged) These competitions will get you exclusive plants such as the mint plant. You can level up your plants to increase the shooting or punching speed and they’re strength.

Review Pros

  • Sick Game play
  • Suitable for ages 4+

Review Cons

  • Nothing...

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